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Hydro Therapy

This process is also referred to at Ionic Foot Detox. This is very relaxing and cleansing, the client can just sit back with their feet in a mixture of warm water enhanced with sea salts and allow the Ionic Foot Bath to do it's work. During the process, the impurities and toxins trapped in the body are excreted through the pores in the feet; leaving the water much less than desirable to look at but the client feeling rejuvenated, cleansed, and energized.

The client may listen to music or visit with the practitioner while enjoying this experience. Though small electric currents move through the body (this is necessary to move the toxins from within, out through the feet) the client remains fully grounded and relaxed. This is not a painful process it is in fact very much the opposite. The Detoxing process can be done up to three times a week if client wishes to do so, though monthly to bi-weekly is recommended. 

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