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Hypnosis is known as the doorway to the unconscious mind, it occurs naturally every 20-90 minutes in an ultradium rythm (this is the cycle of which time occurs as we know it). We go about our daily routine, completing tasks "automatically" without "thinking" about what we are doing (this is a form of hypnosis) during this time the unconscious mind is operating for us. 

Hypnosis pays attention to what is immediately important to the client through an altered state of awareness, much like a dream state. Clients may be taught to practice self-hypnosis and gain the understanding that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. This will allow the client to assist in their own transformation. The unconscious mind is referred to as the "Storehouse" of all memories and functions, by accessing and communicating with the unconscious mind one can change behavioral patterns, reduce stress, heal traumas, rid themselves of anxiety, assist in lessening the affects of allergies (and possibly curing them), limiting beliefs, and change the way one looks at the world around them. All of this is done outside of conscious awareness, which means that the conscious mind is still present but is a sense given another task to do while the unconscious is being spoken to or doing the work at hand. The client is lead into a state of total relaxation, completely aware of all that is going on around them, safe and secure at all times, and able to awaken from the trance state at any time they so choose.

During the time of total relaxation, the client is asked questions and will be able to answer them as well as given suggestions that they hear very clearly. It is here that that change takes place for the client. The unconscious mind is far more complex than we give it credit for. If we had to use our conscious minds to preform the tasks that the unconscious mind does for us we would most likely not be here... We do not have to "think" about breathing, it happens "automatically" (an action preformed by way of our unconscious mind).

Some myths about Hypnosis:

*I will not be able to awaken from hypnosis, not true.

The client is is control and completely aware at all times and nothing is ever revealed during a session that the client is not willing to share. 

*hypnosis is mind-control. Not true.

Hypnosis will not make the client forget important things following a session, (they will release pieces of information that the unconscious mind feels necessary) but will be fully aware of what happened during the session. Hypnosis is a means of communication with the unconscious mind which is far more powerful than the conscious and better able to make the changes that we wish to make in our lives.

There is really no need to fear hypnosis. We all experience it many times throughout the day, have you ever daydreamed? (a form of hypnosis) as all hypnosis is self-hypnosis we are able to listen to our own mind, and assist in the changes we want to make in our lives.

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