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Past Life Healing 

Spirit Therapy-

(soul, path, identification, reincarnation, integration, transcendentalism)

This form of Hypnosis is very unique and results have proven to be very productive and successful for many who have utilized the technique written and used by Serenity Dawns Healing & Wellness founder. Results vary from client to client depending on how deep one wishes to travel back to find what they hope to seek. The Technique used is one which has shown great results and is a very gentle form of Hypnosis in which the client relaxes fully and completely and is guided through the process with a series of suggestions which allows them to travel back in time to an earlier time in their own life to a younger self or even prior to their birth in this life time. Many clients have come to Serenity Dawns with questions about why they act in a certain way or just with a feeling that they have been here before. Many have wondered why they choose to recreate the same behaviors over and over in life and wish to find a missing link to their past. These questions can be answered through the use of Past Life Healing (commonly called past life regression) We choose to use the term "Past Life Healing because EVERYTHING we do here is to assist our Clients through the "Healing" process.

Dawn has personally written a program for past life healing, Spirit Therapy (soul, path, identification, reincarnation, integration, transcendentalism) and has personally used this technique to find answers to why she has chosen the path she has in this lifetime and found that she has helped many others in a previous life as well. 

If we knock on the door to our past, it shall open and reveal all that we hope to find there.

This life, and those previous; belong to us and they are part of what us who we are today...

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