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Rates for services

*Therapeutic Coaching

Session rates for Therapeutic Coaching® are $100.00 per session,

a session may last between 50-90 minutes.

*phone sessions are billed the same as in person sessions*

* Hypnosis Sessions

Rates for Hypnosis are $75.00 pr hour

Weight reduction hypnosis session is billed at $150.00 pr session

*session length runs from 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Smoking Cessation Therapy Session $150.00

*session length from 1 1/2 - 2 hours

*Reiki sessions

$30.00/half hour session


$55.00/ one hour session

*also offering distance Reiki

flat rate

$30.00 pr. session


$30.00 (30 minute session)

*couples rate is $50.00

(both can detox at the same time.)

*Sports Hypnosis Sessions

Call or email for details and to schedule your appointment today!!

sold as a three session package.

(ie. 3 sports sessions )

1. To include initial session to get an idea of the sport and the level of performance one wishes to gain through the work (with some self examination work in between,)

2. work session, to create strategy for improved performance and guided imagery activities, more activities to work on outside of my office.

3.follow up session; usually scheduled after the athlete has performed in their "game" to see the limitless possibilities which have been awakened!

*If work continues after the three initial sessions the normal coaching rate will then apply.

***Three session package for $200.00****

(each session lasting 50-90 minutes)


$150.00 pr session

the first Theta session usually lasts 1 1/2 hours, sessions to follow are 1 hour in length.

Theta Healing sessions can be over the phone or in person,

(for phone sessions) once payment is received I will call you to set up an appointment time.


(Spirit Therapy)

*see page for detailed description*

$75.00 pr hour

Our first session is usually 1-2 hours in length, during this time we are laying the ground work for what is to be found. Come prepared to answer questions about your current life and explain the situations which have brought you to seeking out a Hypnotherapist to assist you in visiting your past lives. Depending on how deep the client wishes to delve into their past each session may last 2 hours. Sometimes 2 to 3 sessions are scheduled a few days or even a week apart in order to dig deeper into the past.

Each client is different and many can find what they are looking for in their first session.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork, for phone sessions the necessary paperwork may be mailed or emailed to you prior to your session.

All services payable at the time of each appointment. Phone sessions will be payable at the time of

scheduling. Sports hypnosis sessions to be paid in full at the time of the first appointment.

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