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    Reiki is a Japanese word meaning, Universal life Energy. It is a gentle hands-on method of healing which aligns the energy within ones body. Reiki; is generally referred to as Ki (in Japan), Chi (in China), and Prana (in India). The basis for this practice comes from the teachings of Mikao Usui, a teacher and practitioner in Japan in the early twentieth century.   

During a session the client may feel very relaxed and warm within. Many people experience this flow of energy as a tingling sensation. Reiki can be done hands-off if the client prefers. During the session the practitioner will scan the body for blockages in the energy channels (Chakras). Most people lie on a table (though Reiki can be done sitting up as well), fully clothed; so you will want to wear comfortable clothing. There are no oils used as this is not a Massage, it is instead a series of hand positions which the practitioner will use on the head, shoulders, neck, back, chest, stomach, legs, arms, and feet (both front and back). At any time during a session if the client or practitioner feel it is necessary to work in a particular area more so than another this is possible, during this time the energy flows through the practitioner into the client. Few clients say that they do not feel much during the session (maybe some energy movement or tingling) yet after the session the client feels much more at ease, with a calming energy and very rested. At times there may be emotions released during a session and this is completely natural as your energy is being realigned. 

Reiki is being used in the healthcare field in growing numbers, many hospitals now train their nursing staff in Reiki to care for their patients pre and post surgically. Reiki also has been used during child-birth to lessen the pain of the Mother to be. Reiki can be used as a compliment to many medical treatments, counseling, and massage therapy as well. Reiki is not only healthful, it can also be a relaxing pleasurable experience with major benefits to your overall wellness. It can increase your immunities, and improve circulation in the body as well. 

It is very important to drink plenty of water before and after your session as you will want to keep the flow smooth as your day goes on. It is important as well to be especially kind to yourself the day of a session and allow the flow to happen, you may experience many emotions following your session (be aware of this and pay attention to what your body is telling you, realize that you've been given the opportunity to get in touch with your own energy.) Listen to your body... if you are tired rest, if you are hungry eat, if you are feeling energetic move, life is a beautiful thing and our bodies will let us know that we are one.


**Reiki can also be done from a distance. The concept is the same and the client will feel the same sensations as they would in the office with the practitioner. Practitioner will only need the name , date of birth, and in some cases the issue or energy to be worked on or cleared. The practitioner will concentrate energy specific to the client, issue and energy. Committing a minimum of 30 minutes to the healing and wellness of the client, session can be time specific or during the practitioners meditation time.

***** how to of a distance reiki session...*****

(can be done after the client emails or sends information regular mail along with payment for services, including: Name (full name), Date of birth and the issue worked on or energy to be sent or cleared with the Reiki energy requested. If there is a specific time in which energy would like to be received please indicate that as well. Once payment is received, you will be contacted to set up a time that will work for the giving and receiving the Reiki energy.

* it is very important that you include email address for your practitioner to send confirmation via email and give time in which energy will flow between...

Energy knows no, distance, space, or time...

(info and payment should be sent to)

*may also email info, credit cards accepted*

Serenity Dawns Healing & Wellness Services

c/o Dawn Luebstorf

16047 296th street

Cornell, WI 54732

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